Insurance litigation consulting services and insurance claim recovery consulting

Percipient Resources was started with the long term intent to make available a broad array of consulting and insurance expert witness resources to assist counsel and their clients where insurance related litigation was contemplated or was underway. Toward that end, Percipient Resources engages industry professionals with industry and niche experience to compliment the professional experiences of counsel and their clients in litigating coverage and professional liability cases. Each consultant exceeds 25 years of experience in their respective fields. Our major areas of litigation consulting and expert witness services include:

Property and Casualty Insurance Litigation Consulting and Expert Witness Services: Our consultants have been involved in thousands of insurance transactions during their careers encompassing nearly every coverage type, and have provided insurance related services to nearly every industry type. Aside from having both commercial insurance and personal lines insurance experience, their experience includes having served as: agency owners; agents/brokers; agency/brokerage counsel; agency brokerage executives; insurance company managers; corporate risk managers; and, insurance certification trainers.
Property and Casualty Claims Litigation Consulting and Expert Witness Services: Our claim consultants have broker, insurer and third party claim administrator (TPA)/adjustor property and casualty claims handling perspectives and experience. They have been litigation managers, TPA general and litigation counsel, and have been employed as brokerage and insurer claims professionals and managers. Their specific experience includes:
  •  Claims consulting and advocacy on behalf of insureds with large deductible workers’ compensation and other casualty programs;
  • Developing and delivering claim auditing reports
  • Negotiating TPA contracts;
  • Measuring compliance with insurer and TPA accountability guidelines;        
  • Providing customer training to support loss cost reduction efforts;
  • Interfacing with third party claim administrators and insurance companies to assist with dispute resolutions; and,
  • Integrating claims management with safety and risk control consulting.
Our services litigation consulting and expert witness services provide particular value for insureds, TPAs, or insurers involved in audit premium disputes where the quality of claim handling, claim handling contract and protocol compliance, and claim valuations used in loss sensitive or self-insured programs are disputed.  
Risk Control and Safety Analysis Litigation Consulting and Expert Witness Services: our consultants have been degreed and credentialed individuals with the following credentials and advisory experience:
  •  PE: Registered Professional Engineer;
  • CSP: Board Certified Safety Professional in Comprehensive Practice;
  • CIH: Board Certified Industrial Hygienist;
  • Professional member of the American Society of Safety Engineers;
  • Full member of the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA);
  • MSHA: Mine Safety and Health Administration, OSHA's equivalent in the mining industry;
  • OSHA: Occupational Safety and Health Administration;
  • DOT: Department of Transportation;
  • EPA: Environmental Protection Agency; permits and compliance;
  • NEC - National Electrical Code; construction code enforcement ;
  • NFPA - National Fire Protection Agency; sprinklers, fire detection and suppression;
  • CRM: International Certified Risk Manager, The National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research; and,
  • ARM: Associate in Risk Management, Insurance Institute of America; and,
  • CPSS:  Certified Professional Safety Source. 
Their experience includes:
  • Working as safety and risk control professionals for industrial companies and insurance brokers;
  • Serving as in house and outsourced consulting and compliance resources for industrial companies and brokers/consultants;
  •  Advising on OSHA compliance;
  • Advising on safety management systems and processes;
  • Performing safety program auditing;
  • Providing hazard recognition and control;
  • Overseeing industrial hygiene programs;
  • Directing loss control strategies by providing risk management/risk mitigation solutions, training, and survey systems to effectively control risks and   significantly reduce loss frequency and severity; and,
  • Overseeing and managing training and audit functions.
Our litigation consulting and expert witness services provide particular value to injured parties and employers in helping determine whether loss control services provided by insurers, insurance brokers, and other consultants have met the appropriate standard of care and have fulfilled their contractual obligations and/or statutory and regulatory obligations. 
Life Insurance and Health Insurance Litigation Consulting and Expert Witness Services: Our consultants have been involved in thousands of insurance and consulting engagements during their careers encompassing nearly every coverage and product type, including:
  •  Individual and group life insurance, health insurance, disability insurance and retirement products;
  •  Fixed and variable annuities;
  •  Bank and financial institution distributed products;
  •  Work site and voluntary benefits; and,
  •  Insurance and annuity funded qualified retirement plans.
Our life insurance and health insurance litigation consulting and expert witness resources have considerable experience as:
  •  Retail and wholesale agents representing single and multiple companies for individual and group life and health products;
  •  Insurance agency owners;
  •  Securities licensed financial and certified estate planners;
  •  Registered Principal and Registered Representatives
  •  Insurance product trainers;
  •  Internal wholesale specialists;
  •  Compliance specialists;
  •  Insurance company sales managers; and,
  •  Corporate general and litigation counsel for individual and group life and health insurance agents and brokers, pension and benefit consultants and actuaries, and group life insurance and group health insurance brokers and consultants.